I-CAT Planting Solution’s core vision is to become a recognised industry leader in the development and manufacturing of a range of innovative sustainable planting solutions for the Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry industries in the South Africa, Africa and International markets.

I-CAT Planting Solutions strives to mitigate the negative effects of the changing environmental factors influencing the industries that we operate in.


Systemic insecticide planting tablet

Suppositree™ is a systemic planting tablet that provides safe and efficient dosing of insecticide at the time of planting. Suppositree™ provides... protection against sucking and chewing insects and reduces leaching of pesticides while promoting growth and survival of the plant.
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Slow release fertilizer tablet

A slow release planting fertilizer tablet that provides nutrients that immediately boost growth and development of newly planted... seedlings, young and established trees. Plant’nGo™ is most suitable to use in the agricultural, horticulture and forestry sectors.
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Super absorbent

EXLGel™ is a soil conditioner specially designed and developed for water and nutrient retention. Upon contact with water, EXLGel™ swells... quickly, creating a hydrogel by absorbing and retaining large quantities of plant available water.
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Super absorbent
hydrogel containing

A cross linked super absorbent polymer which contains a k-based hydrogel and fertilizer, acting as a soil conditioner and a water reservoir....
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Super absorbent hydrogel containing fertilizer and beneficial microorganisms

A bio-stimulant K-based hydrogel, plant nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that act as a soil conditioner and a water and nutrient...reservoir. Biofurt™ is most suitable to use for forestry, landscaping and agricultutre sectors.
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Foliar liquid

A non-ionic, low foam foliar liquid fertilizer that provides better coverage of spray solutions. EXLGro™ works well when dosed through spray ... systems and sprinkler pivots.
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CU CHEM ENG Zia_Roseanna © Jon Reis. Contact the studio for rights to upload or publish this photo
Urby Ueckermann
FSG Property Services

We have recently transplanted Chondropetilum tectorum at one of our facilities. From previous experience, I know that its one of the most difficult plants to transplant successfully. We were advised to use the EXLGel water retainer from I-Cat when transplanting.

I was presently surprised with the results: The Chondropetilum is in an excellent condition, No transplant stress to speak of, Leaves weren’t even cut back, and no die back present, Plants are doing better than ever.

I would, in my professional capacity, recommend the use of EXLGel to anyone and everyone.



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